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Best Industrial Insulation Materials provider in India
Insulation is necessary for safety and security. It also reduces heat loss and makes processes more sustainable. All of our Industrial insulation materials mats can be used to make pipe sections, slabs, or wired mats. Each product offers a variety of benefits that will meet your needs.
For more than 25 years, we have been serving the ever-changing requirements of our customers. As a leading Industrial Insulation expert in India, Vatson is India's leading manufacturer of industrial thermal insulation solutions.
Our Industrial insulation experts in India offer an extensive range of insulation solutions engineered to meet the highest industrial standards. Our Industrial insulation experts in India provide unique features and benefits to ensure consistent performance to meet your expectations and Design criteria.
Our goal is to meet your changing needs. Industrial insulation experts in India offer a wide range of industrial insulation products. The TECH range includes high-quality insulation materials that can be used at different temperatures and uses. It includes flexible glass wool, mechanically resistant stone wool, and the latest innovation, light, and compressible ULTIMATE minerals wool. We are a major distributor and fabricator for industrial and other products India's commercial insulations Pipe insulation, blanket insulation, and board insulation are all available.

Specialties of product
● Fire reaction Best-in-class fire safety properties include non-combustible and non-flammable, flashovers, minimal smoke, toxic gases, and flashover.

● Sound insulation High levels of attenuation due to uniform porosity (93-91%) and high longitudinal airflow resistance (up to >100 kPas/m2).

● Thermal insulation The EN 14303 standard is used to determine the optimal thermal conductivity for each temperature and application. India's vatson industry insulation products are CE-marked.

● Installation fast: These lighter insulation products are easier to install with no glue. They can also be easily compressed and adapted to different geometries.

● Performance that lasts: Vatson mineral wool has no health soluble is EUCEB/RAL certified. Insulation products can save up to 250x energy during production

● Protection against corrosion: All our industrial insulation products have low levels of chlorides. They are also non-hygroscopic and hydrophobic for outdoor use to reduce water absorption.

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